Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module and Insight into the Disappointment

I was just listening to episode 10 of the Office 365 Exposed podcast with Tony Redmond and Paul Robichaux. Tony was reviewing some of the conversation in his somewhat recent blog post, Why the PowerShell Module for Teams is Critically Flawed. We have seen some of the the issues outlined before, particularly with the means … Continue reading Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module and Insight into the Disappointment

Using the Event Log with PowerShell

PowerShell can be used in a diverse set of circumstances. Sometimes PowerShell is used to establish an ongoing process, such as managing users. In such a circumstance, logging becomes rather crucial, both in terms of identifying errors but also in terms of capturing what was successful to provide reports. The Windows Event Log is a … Continue reading Using the Event Log with PowerShell

xAzureAD.DirectorySetting v0.2 Released

Last week, released xAzureAD.DirectorySetting without a lot of thought.  Over the weekend, I was thinking that it would be great to make it a bit more extensible and work with all of the various types of templates available.  So, I now have the latest release, xAzureAD.DirectorySetting v0.2. Changes First, I changed the name of the … Continue reading xAzureAD.DirectorySetting v0.2 Released

Controlling Office 365 Groups Creation

In my previous post, Getting Started with Office 365 Groups, I outlined many of the steps necessary for controlling the creation of Office 365 Groups.  I initially realized that this process is cumbersome but had it reinforced when I walked someone through it recently. So, I have a new module: xAzureAD.DirectorySetting.  It provides a single function: … Continue reading Controlling Office 365 Groups Creation

Using the Microsoft Graph with PowerShell

The Microsoft Graph is the unified API for Microsoft cloud services that is REST-based.  It is the solution to the problem of data silos in the various services, like Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, InTune, Azure AD, and more.  What is really nice about the API is that you can easily move between nodes within the … Continue reading Using the Microsoft Graph with PowerShell

VS Code PowerShell Advanced Function Snippet

For VS Code, I have re-created the Advanced Function snippet found in the PowerShell ISE.  This snippet allows one to readily have a rather complete Advanced Function template. What are the advantages of an Advanced Function?  Common Attributes and better control logic (BEGIN, PROCESS, END).  It also includes templating for help and metadata comments. It … Continue reading VS Code PowerShell Advanced Function Snippet

Installing VS Code for PowerShell

VS Code is the [relatively] new editor that Microsoft has released and is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.  It is fairly lightweight and works with many different languages, including the many Visual Studio languages, PowerShell, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, and Python, as well as other formats like Markdown and JSON. In this video, I … Continue reading Installing VS Code for PowerShell