Embrace at Least Some of Immutable Infrastructure

With respect to immutability, the first exposure many folks in technology experience with with arrays. An array is a contiguous space of memory for elements of the same time to be groups together. We can quickly read the element because they're accessed sequentially. However, this adjacency limits our ability to expand because any new elements … Continue reading Embrace at Least Some of Immutable Infrastructure


First Thoughts on Azure Terrafy

There has been a lot of buzz related to Azure Terrafy lately with presentations at HashiConf Global and videos from Ned Bellavance. I have always had rather tempered expectations of the tool with good reason and my recent experience cemented my initial thoughts. Limitations The tool is not going to turnaround and generate elegant HCL … Continue reading First Thoughts on Azure Terrafy

Azure Certifications – All Roads Start HERE

You may have noticed that the Azure certifications have been revamped over the past year, or so. They are now role-based and come in four main tracks (although others exist): Azure Administrator Associate: AZ-103 Azure Developer Associate: AZ-203 Azure Solutions Architect Expert: AZ-300 and AZ-301 Azure DevOps Engineer Expert: AZ-400 There are tons of resources … Continue reading Azure Certifications – All Roads Start HERE