Getting Started with Office 365 Groups

Office 365 (O365) Groups have existed for a while now and have began to reach a level of maturity that supports broader usage. In addition, many newer features in O365 depend on O365 Groups. What are Office 365 Groups O365 Groups are a Service-only capability that is very reminiscent of the Site Mailbox integration that … Continue reading Getting Started with Office 365 Groups


Ending Community College Real Estate

Community colleges serve a great purpose in our country by offering affordable options for students to being their higher education and equip them for jobs that don't necessarily require a four-year degree. Many community colleges have taken great strides to get closer to students by offering evening courses at local schools and have online course … Continue reading Ending Community College Real Estate

Active Directory Sizing for Exchange

It is easy to dismiss the sizing of your Active Directory infrastructure simply based on CPU and RAM resource consumption; the resources generally appear to have minimal usage. However, Active Directory [Domain Services] is a little more complicated than that and Exchange Server is the canary in the coal mine, so to speak. There are … Continue reading Active Directory Sizing for Exchange

An Overly Aggressive Security Posture?

It is quite easy for security professionals to get aggressive with introducing controls into systems. I should know, I have worked with so many and I hold a CISSP, myself. But the overall intent of security is to make sure that systems are available for legitimate purposes. The old notion that the only secure system … Continue reading An Overly Aggressive Security Posture?

Hypermiling App

In the past, I was into hypermiling.  I have a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI that I purchased back in 2012.  The previous owner treated it very roughly and it needed some good maintenance to get it back to proper performance.  I replaced the tires with a Goodyear low rolling resistence model, the windshield wipers with … Continue reading Hypermiling App

Offering Home LTE: Time for Telcos to Grow Up

WARNING: This is a bit of rant. I am frustrated with residential offerings for Internet service. This is an effort to explain how LTE should be a viable and equal cost option to existing DSL service that is out there. I need reliable Internet service, bottom line.  I have limited offerings available to me where … Continue reading Offering Home LTE: Time for Telcos to Grow Up

How to Provision Exchange Online Mailboxes

After completing a migration to Exchange Online, it is common to have questions like: 1) What is the best practice for provisioning mailboxes? 2) How do I provision mailboxes? 3) Why should I keep this Exchange server around? Well, these are good questions.  Let's start with the last question.  When an organization migrates to Exchange … Continue reading How to Provision Exchange Online Mailboxes