Controlling Office 365 Groups Creation

getting-started-with-office-365-groups-1In my previous post, Getting Started with Office 365 Groups, I outlined many of the steps necessary for controlling the creation of Office 365 Groups.  I initially realized that this process is cumbersome but had it reinforced when I walked someone through it recently.

So, I have a new module: xAzureAD.DirectorySetting.  It provides a single function: Set-AzureADGroupsSetting.

Set-AzureADGroupsSetting -GroupCreationAllowedGroup "O365 Groups Creators" -EnableGroupCreation $False

Set-AzureADGroupsSetting -GroupCreationAllowedGroup "O365 Groups Creators" -EnableGroupCreation $False

That is it.  All of the other parameters are there for the other settings in the Group.Unified template, but I have done nothing more than set them to a Boolean type, if intended.

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