Mr. Hashimoto and the Monorepo of Madness

I have noticed a disturbing trend within the Terraform community beginning with Yevgeniy Brikman’s, “Terraform Up & Running,” although it could predate the material. Monorepos! I don’t recall if Brikman called them monorepos, or anything for that matter, I just recall the practice.

Sprints Are Dumb

I should probably qualify that statement a bit. A common term used in the Agile (Scrum) methodology is the “sprint”. It is an interval of time planned to complete some defined amount of work. The use of this term with respect to Agile is dumb. Why? The purpose of the Agile methodology is organize around … Continue reading Sprints Are Dumb

Creating a Git Repo with Terraform In Mind

Creating a Git repository is an easy enough task: mkdir my-new-repo cd my-new-repo git init If this is just a local repository, you might be safe to just start using it. However, if there is any chance that this repository is going to be stored in a platform, whether it is public or private, it … Continue reading Creating a Git Repo with Terraform In Mind