New Active Directory Forest with Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core in (about) 10 Minutes

 UPDATE: I replaced the original video with a newer version.  This was my first attempt at a YouTube video and I learned a lot during the production of the first two videos.  So, this new video includes the same content, merely improved editing and better use of YouTube features.

In this video, I demonstrate how to:

1. Install Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core
2. Utilize PowerShell to rename the computer and configure network settings
3. Utilize PowerShell to install the appropriate components to support Active Directory Domain Services and DNS, and establish a new Active Directory Forest

This was performed on a virtual machine and the host was a laptop running Windows 7 x64 with a Core i7m, 16GB RAM, and two (2) solid state drives (SSD), one for the main system and one dedicated to virtual machines. So, the install goes fast, but it was not intended to be any sort of speed test.

Commands utilized:

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